About Virtual Mediconnect

We are a group of professionals primarily from the healthcare industry who feel that the future of medicine lies in sharing the fruits of development with all segments of the society. Inclusive healthcare is the need of the hour.

Though advances of medicine are available to the patients in Metro cities, the average Indian is still not accessible to its fruits.The Digital India campaign is a great opportunity to take the advances in healthcare to the doorsteps of all using technology.

Virtual Mediconnect is an effort by us to give back to the society, what we got from them. We have taken the help of experts in Technology, Telecommunications, Law, Commerce, and Marketing to create a platform which benefits all.

We intend to connect with our patients, our medical counterparts in other cities and internationally to create a medical network which we can all access at our own need.

This is a Web site by the doctors for the doctors and for our patients at large.

For us medicine is not commerce, we are here to serve and to share.